Privacy Ultra Light

Privacy Ultra Light  - Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light Privacy Ultra Light

The cool and ultra light Privacy that can be assembled in a momentThe new proposal in the Fiamma range of enclosures for awnings is the Ultra-Light model, its speed of installation and ease of use make this product particularly interesting for short stays, weekends and for those who like to move fast. Particularly suitable for use in the warmer seasons.
Light, durable and quick to assemble. Ripstop fabric, quality guaranteed
Privacy Ultra Light is made from Ripstop material, a lightweight and tear-resistant fabric. The mesh of the Ripstop fabric is characterized by a weave of threads through different sections that create strength and sturdiness, whilst remaining light. The characteristic of lightness allows the user to carry out assembly quickly and easily. Installation can easily be carried out by just one person.
Ventilated roof for optimal temperature. Improved comfort
The double roof, (the awning fabric and the Ripstop Privacy roof) creates an air chamber with constant ventilation thus lowering the temperature inside the Privacy. The side panels can be completely rolled up to offer greater comfort and coolness and are both equipped with mosquito nets.
Great versatility. Possibility to increase the shade surface
The Privacy Ultra Light allows to fully open the side panels extending the shade surface. Furthermore, on the front panel it is possible to slide additional panels like Blocker or Sun View creating a further covered area to protect and store bikes and other accessories.

Item-No. Description
07350A01- New Privacy Ultra Light 260 Van
07350-01- New Privacy Ultra Light 300
07350-02- New Privacy Ultra Light 350
07350-03- New Privacy Ultra Light 400
07350-04- New Privacy Ultra Light 450
07364-01- New Privacy Rail kit 4 pcs.
Choosing guide

Vehicle Perfect for any vehicle from large motorhomes to camper vans.

Awning Privacy Ultra Light is designed for F45s, F45L,F65s and F65L awnings. Universal version suitable to be installed at any height of the awning (Medium, Large and Ducato).

StructureDouble roof, ventilated. Ripstop fabric, light and resistant to scratches and lacerations.

Side panels Possibility to fully open the side panels. Possibility to increase the shade surface extending the side panels (with optional Kit poles) and, on the front, with the addition of Blocker or Sun View panels (for example,
to protect and store bikes or other accessories).
Rollable side panels equipped with windows and roller blinds, removable front panel equipped with Crystal window and door.

Data sheet
Privacy Ultra Light
Description Awning length A Height from ground B Weight
Privacy Ultra Light 260 Van 260 cm 180-220 cm 12,3 kg
Privacy Ultra Light 300 300/320 cm 230-280 cm 14,2 kg
Privacy Ultra Light 350 350/370 cm 230-280 cm 15,4 cm
Privacy Ultra Light 400 400 cm 230-280 cm 16,6 kg
Privacy Ultra Light 450 450 cm 230-280 cm 17,8 kg
Privacy Rail kit 4 pcs.
  • Privacy Rail Kit
    Privacy Ultra Light  -

    Privacy Rail Kit
    kit composed of 4 rails of 100 cm each, allowing the installation of an additional front panel in case the awning is not ... »»»

  • Rafter
    Privacy Ultra Light  - Rafter Pro

    Rafter in aluminium to keep the fabric in tension, eliminates water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. Easy to install without damaging the ... »»»

  • Poles
    Privacy Ultra Light  - Kit Magic Privacy

    Optional structure ideal to increase the stability of the panels of the Privacy Room in case of wind. Available both for the ... »»»

  • Tie Down
    Privacy Ultra Light  - Tie Down

    Useful strap to hold the awning firmly anchored to the ground in light wind. It fits crank awnings up to 600cm in length. ... »»»

  • Patio-Mat
    Privacy Ultra Light  -

    The essential mat for your awning and Privacy Room.
    The Patio-Mat is made of small resistant polypropylene pipes, allowing the air to pass ... »»»

  • Skirting
    Privacy Ultra Light  - Skirting Motorhome

    Protection against wind and rain that eliminates draught.
    Suitable for all Fiamma Privacy Rooms and can be easily shortened.
    Available in ... »»»