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Fiamma CaravanStore - Fiamma CaravanStore Fiamma CaravanStore Fiamma CaravanStore Fiamma CaravanStore Fiamma CaravanStore

The easy to use, sturdy and lightweight bag awning with manual operation. The only awning for caravans and minivans with tubular rewind for wrinkle-free fabric. The Fiamma Caravanstore is easy to use and install: it takes only 45 seconds to completely roll it out.
The legs are inside the roller tube, easy to take out and install as they are hinged and telescopic, so they cannot fall down or be lost.
The roller can be rolled-up in both directions.
Thanks to its patented wide roller the Caravanstore is easy to roll and unroll and above all the fabric is wrinkle-free!

Item-No. Description
06760-01(X) Caravanstore 190
06760A01(X) Caravanstore 225
06760B01(X) Caravanstore 255
06760C01(X) Caravanstore 280
06760D01(X) Caravanstore 310
06760E01(X) Caravanstore 360
06760F01(X) Caravanstore 410 *
06760G01(X) Caravanstore 440 **

* 1 tension Rafter Caravanstore in anodized aluminium included.
** 1 tension Rafter Caravanstore and 1 Caravanstore Support Leg in anodized aluminium included. Specify the fabric colour you want when ordering by replacing (X) with: N=Blue Ocean and T=Deluxe Grey.

Choosing guide

Vehicle Specially designed for caravans. For installation on Hobby Caravans 2009 (edition 6 models) see installation Kit "Kit Hobby - Knaus Caravanstore".

Operation Manual opening and closing.

Position Slides easily into the existing awning rail otherwise rail supplied upon request.

Awning enclosure Optional Privacy Room CS Light, front and side panels Blocker & Side.

Colours & Materials Housed in a soft bag with handy self-lubrificating zipper. Multi-layer canopy, water-proof, rot-proof and UV resistant, colours: Blue Ocean or Deluxe Grey.

Data sheet
Fiamma CaravanStore Fiamma CaravanStore
Description Awning length A Canopy length B Extension C Shade surface Weight
Caravanstore 190 196 cm 162 cm 180 cm 2,9 m2 6,1 kg
Caravanstore 225 236 cm 202 cm 225 cm 4,5 m2 7,6 kg
Caravanstore 255 266 cm 232 cm 225 cm 5,2 m2 8,4 kg
Caravanstore 280 288 cm 254 cm 225 cm 5,7 m2 9 kg
Caravanstore 310 318 cm 284 cm 225 cm 6,4 m2 10,2 kg
Caravanstore 360 369 cm 334 cm 225 cm 7,5 m2 11,3 kg
Caravanstore 410 * 419 cm 384 cm 225 cm 8,6 m2 12,5 kg
Caravanstore 440 ** 449 cm 414 cm 225 cm 9,3 m2 13 kg
  • Privacy Room CS Light
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    The compact enclosure for your Caravanstore or F35 Pro, light in weight and lighter in price.
    The side panels are provided with large openable ... »»»

  • Blocker Pro
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Front panel is equipped with one large full light Crystal window and vinyl extension to the floor. Gives you more privacy and ... »»»

  • Blocker
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Convenient front panel that protects you from sun light and rain and gives you more privacy.
    Delivered as standard with: ... »»»

  • Sun View XL
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Convenient front panel made with translucent light filtering material, blocks about 85% of the light. Can be rolled up thanks to ... »»»

  • Shade
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Shade valence to protect from sun and rain extending the shade surface. It can be left attached when the awning is closed. Suitable also ... »»»

  • Side W Pro
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Side panel with a large full light Crystal window and vinyl extension to the floor. Made of rot-proof vinyl, washable fabric with UV ... »»»

  • Side W Caravanstore
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Convenient side panel made of anti-rot vinyl, washable fabric with UV protection, with one full light Crystal window. ... »»»

  • Sun View Side
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Convenient side panel for Fiamma F45/F65 awnings. Made with translucent light filtering material, blocks about 80% of the light. ... »»»

  • Skirting
    Fiamma CaravanStore - Skirting Motorhome

    Protection against wind and rain that eliminates draught.
    Suitable for all Fiamma Privacy Rooms and can be easily shortened.
    Available in ... »»»

  • Patio-Mat
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    The essential mat for your awning and Privacy Room.
    The Patio-Mat is made of small resistant polypropylene pipes, allowing the air to pass ... »»»

  • Rafter
    Fiamma CaravanStore - Rafter Pro

    Rafter in aluminium to keep the fabric in tension, eliminates water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. Easy to install without damaging the ... »»»

  • Poles
    Fiamma CaravanStore - Kit Magic Privacy

    Optional structure ideal to increase the stability of the panels of the Privacy Room in case of wind. Available both for the ... »»»

  • Tie Down
    Fiamma CaravanStore - Tie Down

    Useful strap to hold the awning firmly anchored to the ground in light wind. It fits crank awnings up to 600cm in length. ... »»»

  • Kit Awning
    Fiamma CaravanStore - Kit Awning Pegs

    System of highly resistant screw pegs ideal for awnings, enclosures and mats. Sturdy and easy to use. Made of tough UV ... »»»

  • Kit Awning Hangers
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    Kit composed of 6 hooks to insert in the lead bar profile. Ideal for hanging light objects. Suitable for other brands of ... »»»

  • Kit Repair Plus
    Fiamma CaravanStore -

    It is no longer necessary to replace the fabric of the awning if it gets cut. With the Kit Repair Plus from Fiamma, DIY repair ... »»»