LED awning


AWNING ARMS LED LED lighting system composed of 4 LED light kits mounted into sturdy supports and easily attached to the awning arms. The compact dimensions allow them to stay mounted, even when the awning is ... »»»

LED rafter


Telescopic Rafter LED made of solid anodized aluminium with 36 strong and brilliant LED lights. The Rafter LED also includes an integral on/off switch. 25mA LED lamps grant you a powerful white light in the centre of the awning without overheating ... »»»

LED outdoor and garage


LED AWNING LIGHT External LED light for awnings. Made of solid painted aluminium. It includes 31 LED lights that emit intense white light that do not overheat; they are designed for internal and external use ... »»»

LED door and step


LED SENSOR DOOR LIGHT External LED light specifically made to be installed on the door of your caravan or motorhome. Similar characteristics to the LED Awning Light but this version is complete with PIR / ... »»»