Carry-Bike Pro Series

Pro Series

Only Fiamma gives you an installation solution for virtually every eventuality – from 40 to 150cm. It is highly recommended by experts in the industry as the strongest bike carrier on the market. Delivered ... »»»

Carry-Bike L Series

L Series

The affordable bike carrier, lightweight but robust Carry-Bike UL and CL have passed reliability and security tests, for this reason they are preferred by many OEM manufactures who preinstall them on the ... »»»

Carry-Bike Lift 77

Lift 77

It lowers as much as 77 cm enabling the bikes to be loaded and unloaded easily. It has a practical operating position and magnetic hooking to the handle for further operator ease of use. Shortenable crank ... »»»

Carry-Bike Special Editions

Special Editions

Special models The special models of the Pro, Pro C and CL line, are developed for specific Motorhomes allowing them to fit these vehicles perfectly. They have particular features that enable them to fit to ... »»»